The Need for an Ideal Child Support Attorney

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Law And Legal Services


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Child support is important, and it’s not something that should just be decided on a whim, or just between the parents. It’s a legal process, which generally requires a court decision.

While the child support amount will be based on state guidelines, there are a number of extenuating circumstances that have to be addressed. Daycare expenses, medical and insurance issues, paid care for after school hours, and other issues matter. Rather than try to figure out how much it should be on your own, an Child Support Attorney can help you determine a fair amount to request for child support.

A lawyer can also take a look if you’re the one being asked to pay support, in order to help determine whether the amount requested is fair based on the individual circumstances of the case. While there are guidelines through the court, some parents do get more than the state minimum requirements if they request it and the other parent does not disagree.

That can benefit the child, but only if the parent can afford that level of support. No matter which side of the case you fall on, we can help ensure that you understand what’s being signed and agreed to, so there aren’t any nasty financial surprises later on.

The main way in which the guidelines can be adjusted is based on how much time each parent spends with the child. We can help you work out a plan where you see your children frequently, and that can reduce the amount of child support that has to be paid.

A non-custodial parent who has his or her children for more than 40% of the time based on overnight visits can generally get a reduction in child support. That can be a winning situation for everyone. It allows both parents to spend a relatively equal amount of time with their children, and it doesn’t burden one parent with a lot of financial stress and strain. We can help facilitate that type of arrangement, if it’s possible to do in your particular case.