Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim with an Injury Lawyer in Live Oak, FL

by | Nov 5, 2019 | Law And Legal Services


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In Florida, workers’ compensation benefits are provided when a worker is injured on the job. Federal laws require all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance if they hire more than one worker. When an injury occurs, the employer must complete an accident claim. An injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL represents workers who were denied any benefits after their injuries.

Examining the Original Claim

The original workers’ compensation claim must follow all deadlines as explained in the law. The worker has no more than 30 days to report an injury to their supervisor. Doctors complete and submit the medical report within ten days. Any missed deadlines could lead to a denial of benefits.

Reviewing the Accident

The accident that caused the worker’s injuries is evaluated. It is necessary to show that the worker was injured while on the job or within a working capacity. This means the worker was either at the business location or completing job duties related to their specific job away from the property.

Defining the Fault

In a workers’ compensation lawsuit, it is necessary to show that the worker themselves didn’t cause their injuries. If the worker failed to follow safety policies, the insurer is within their rights to deny the claim. Alcohol and drug screenings are part of the evaluation process. If the worker failed a screening, the insurer can disqualify the injured worker for any benefits.

What Benefits Were Available to the Worker?

Injured workers are entitled to full medical benefits and won’t have to pay any medical costs for their on-the-job injuries. If the worker is out of work, the insurance provider pays the worker a portion of the earnings while they recover. Typically, the monetary benefits range up to 90% of the worker’s normal earnings.

In Florida, workers’ compensation insurance provides medical coverage for the victim’s treatment. Monetary benefits are available to any employee who isn’t able to perform light-duty work. However, the attorney must prove that the defendant didn’t play a role in causing their injuries. Comparative fault rulings could disqualify an injured worker. Workers who need to start a legal claim can contact an injury lawyer in Live Oak, FL directly or visit now.

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