When the Time Comes for a Workers Compensation Attorney in Minot, ND

When a person suffers an injury at work or while on the clock, workers’ compensation is supposed to kick in to take care of the employee’s medical expenses and loss of pay from not working. If the injury is relatively minor, the workers’ compensation will probably be an easy approval, and all will be well. However, sometimes the injury is not minor, and workers’ compensation is refusing to cooperate with the employee. At such times, it may be best to consult with an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation law. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Minot ND provides helpful information to clients.

Helpful Information with Workers’ Compensation

When the insurance company from the workers’ compensation team denies a claim, or there are other issues with the employee getting the benefits, getting legal help is the next step. The employee should ensure that all of the necessary documentation has been filled out and turned in to the right people, and that all the doctor appointments needed have been kept. Any witnesses to what happened should also be kept close at hand, to help prove the employee’s case.

More Helpful Information

The lawyer will also be needed in cases where an employee is permanently disabled because of work-related injury or illness, but the insurance company is disputing it. If the condition that the employee has was per-existing but got worse as a result of work, this may be hard to convince the insurance company of. An attorney will be needed to ensure the employee will get what is fair and just, according to the employee’s work injury, and not the insurance company’s suggested benefit. Insurance companies are always looking to pay as less of the claim as possible.

A Worker’s Compensation Attorney for Help

An employee should not wait too long after being denied workers’ compensation benefits but should consult a lawyer right away. Pagel Weikum, Attorneys at Law is a law firm that provides workers’ compensation legal help for employees in need. If an employee needs a workers compensation attorney in Minot ND, the law firm is available. The lawyers invite interested parties to “Browse our website for more information.”

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