Tips for Choosing an Injury Attorney in Chicago

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Law


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Personal injuries are unfortunate. Fortunately for those living in Chicago there are some wonderful choices available. If a personal injury does happen it is imperative that the victim acts as quickly as possible to assess the situation to determine whether or not to contact any injury attorneys in Chicago.

Contact a Lawyer

The victim first needs to determine who is at fault. If the victim believes that another person or group is at fault for the injury, then a personal injury lawyer should be contacted. Once a decision has been made that a personal injury attorney is needed the process can begin for choosing an injury attorney. A few tips should be kept in mind when going through the process.

Validate Credibility

The first thing that a victim needs to do when hiring any personal injury attorneys in Chicago is to check for credentials. A personal injury lawyer must have a four year degree plus a law degree as well as pass the bar exam in order to be able to practice any kind of law in Chicago. Most lawyers will gladly present any documents and degrees needed to prove that are able to practice personal injury law in Chicago. As an added precaution, the victim can also verify the degrees and certificates to make sure everything is as the personal injury lawyer stated.

Conduct and Interview

After a personal injury lawyer is selected, it is then very important that the victim schedules a consultation with the personal injury lawyer. It is easier to determine whether or not the personal injury lawyer is someone that can be trusted or not when it is done in person. During this consultation, payment agreements can also be made so that the victim is well aware of the costs involved. In most cases, the cost will just come out of the final settlement. This percentage of the settlement can vary from lawyer to lawyer, so it is always wise to discuss all of these details ahead of time.

When faced with a devastating personal injury, a person should never just accept the injury. Someone else or some other group may be responsible for that injury, and they should be held accountable for their actions (or inactions). In other cases, the liable person or party may understand it is their fault for the personal injury and may hire a lawyer right away to try and resolve the case out of court or even try to avoid any sort of compensation altogether. No person should ever face these lawyers alone, let alone a victim. Visit at Shea Law Group for more information.