Common Questions People Ask about Mediation Service in Miami, Fl

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Law


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There are many times when a court case can be avoided simply by going through mediation. Whether you’re going through a divorce or some other civil case, there are times when mediation is a simpler and more attractive option. Here are some common questions that people ask about a mediation service in Miami, Fl so you can determine if it’s a good idea for you.

Do I need an attorney in mediation?
In most cases, mediation is done without the involvement of an attorney on either side. The two parties can usually arrive at amicable agreements with the help of a professional mediator which helps keep costs on both sides of the table at a minimum. However, if there are some resolutions that cannot be reached, attorneys may be called in by each party to help facilitate an agreement. If that doesn’t work, the case often goes to court to let a judge decide.

Can I withdraw from mediation?
If you aren’t happy with the way that the mediation process is going, you have the right to withdraw at any time. Your participation in a mediation service in Miami, Fl is completely voluntary. If you choose to withdraw from mediation, the next step is to go to court.

How long does mediation take?
In most cases, mediation may only take a few days at the most in order to arrive at a resolution that both parties are happy with. If there are more than two parties involved, however, mediation generally takes a little longer. Also, if the case is rather complicated, such as complex contract disputes, cases that involve a large amount of assets, and other similar cases, the time factor can increase.

What’s the difference between mediation and arbitration?
Mediation is different from arbitration in a few respects. However, the most important difference is that a mediator does not have any authority to make decisions. They are simply there to help keep the conversation civil and to make suggestions about ways to resolve the case. The parties involved in the mediation work together, along with the help of the mediator, to agree to a resolution for the case.

How do I know if the agreement is fair in mediation?
If you don’t agree to a resolution proposed by the other party, there is no resolution. As a result, if you think the agreement is unfair, you don’t have to agree to it. For the most part, people who go through mediation tend to be happier with the resolutions that are reached than they are with a judge’s decision.

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