What To Do After An Accident: Tips From A Top Joliet Car Accident Lawyer

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Lawyer


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Drivers in Joliet, may go their entire lives and never be in a vehicle accident. However, even the best drivers may find that someone texting on their phone or a driver simply not paying attention to the driving conditions ends up crashing into their vehicle, involving them in an accident.

It can be traumatic to be a vehicle accident, even if there are no serious injuries. When injuries occur, there is even more stress, and it is important to know what to do and when to contact a car accident lawyer in Joliet.

1. Check for Injuries

Immediately check for injuries for yourself and your passengers. Check with other drivers and passengers in the other vehicles involved. Do not discuss the accident or get angry or blame other drivers. If there are any injuries that require medical attention, call 911 and request an ambulance. Do not go into traffic or place yourself in any danger from traffic on the road.

2. Call 911

If there are no serious injuries, it is still important to call 911 and request a police officer to the scene. He or she will create a report which can be accessed online, helping your car accident lawyer with specific information. While waiting for the police, you can move on to steps 3 and 4.

3. Get Driver Information

In some cases, you may exchange information with the other driver or drivers before the police arrive. Depending on the type of accident, there may be a significant amount of time before the police arrive. Do not leave the scene as this could become a legal issue in the future.

4. Get Witness Information and Take Pictures

You can help your case and your car accident lawyer by getting the names and contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Using your cell phone or a camera, take pictures of the accident and get in as much of the surrounding area as possible. This includes Joliet, intersections, any construction or even the road and weather conditions, all which may be helpful in your case. Visit at Shea Law Group for more information.