Strategies Used by a DUI Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita CA

by | Jul 23, 2019 | DWI Lawyers


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Driving under the influence is a serious charge with the potential for severe consequences. Though most cases are ironclad, like all other criminal matters, it’s possible to mount a defense. Read on to learn how a DUI defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA can help clients fight DUI charges.

Driving Patterns

Did a police officer witness the driver operating a vehicle incorrectly? If so, that doesn’t mean they were driving under the influence. Different situations and times of day may contribute to a person’s inattentiveness behind the wheel. Officers are trained to look for certain patterns such as repeated sudden stops, failure to signal, speeding, and weaving in and out of traffic. Avoid these behaviors to minimize the chances of a DUI stop and arrest.

Field Sobriety Tests

Ask a DUI defense attorney in Santa Clarita, CA how they can question the results of the preliminary sobriety test. These tests are often used in court, and attorneys frequently ask whether variables such as weather conditions, nervousness, or spectators may have affected a defendant’s performance. Just as an actor may have stage fright, a person may be nervous when they’re subjected to tests with life-altering consequences.

Time to Recognition

The California Highway Patrol has additional information on the required window of recognition for an officer to suspect intoxication. Clients may be surprised to find that investigating officers must analyze drivers for a minimum of 15 minutes before requesting a breath test.

Alcohol in the Mouth

Certain people naturally have alcohol in their mouths at all times. Some health conditions promote the oral presence of alcohol, including stomach and intestinal conditions. Dental fillings, certain beverages, and mouthwashes, for instance, can also cause an individual to have a positive read in the breath test. These results often lead attorneys to retest a sample, which determines if the results were false. Some conditions promote the oral presence of alcohol, including stomach and intestinal conditions, dental fillings, certain beverages, mouthwashes, and more. A DUI defense lawyer will use this and other strategies to reduce or eliminate DUI charges.

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Though DUI has lasting consequences, it is possible to beat these charges. When clients need a rebuttal for a DUI accusation, local attorneys are here to help. Schedule an appointment by phone or visit the firm’s website for more details.