Caught On The Wrong Track While Driving? Call DWI Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN

by | Nov 20, 2012 | DWI Lawyers


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Have you or any of your loved ones been booked under the section of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while being intoxicated? Has the incident taken place in or around the city of Minneapolis? If so, then do not waste any time to think for a second opinion; just contact the DWI Lawyers in Minneapolis, MN. Otherwise, it would be too late for taking any precautionary step to get away from the clutches of the law.

The section of law dealing with incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol or driving while intoxicated is very stringent in the region of Minneapolis. If by any means, any person is booked under the section of the law, then it becomes practically very tough to get out of the legal procedures, since it is described as a criminal offence in the region.

Hence the need of an experienced and efficient lawyer arises, who knows the section of the law dealing with the particular criminal offence, and take necessary preventive actions to get the victim out of the lock-up of the police, in the first instance. The initial action that the lawyer takes is to bail out the person accused in such a case. The trial can continue even when the accused had been granted bail. It is then for the court of law to decide, whether the charges pressed against the accused is right or wrong.

Since there has been an increase in the incidents of on-road accidents resulting in a great number of losses of lives, the government of the country has made the laws regarding DWI more stringent than any other prevailing law of the country. Therefore, it is wiser to take the help of the DWI lawyers of the region of Minneapolis, MN, in case you are facing any such case.

In case a person is caught under suspicion, he or she has to undergo a test that is conducted by the police. In case the test reveals any kind of intoxication in the blood of the driver of the car, he or she is liable to be booked under the clauses of DWI acts (laid down according to the law of the state). In many countries, the percentage of alcohol content in the blood, or the degree of intoxication while driving has been defined, to be booked under the criminal offence.
Consequences of the charges under DWI law
A person booked under the DWI case in the region of Minneapolis can be convicted under the case of committing a criminal offence. Therefore, the consequences are not going to be easy to bear at all. Only the DWI lawyers in and around the city of Minneapolis, MN can deal with the situation, since they have a thorough knowledge of the law of the land.

The accused may be awarded the following punishments that might be decided on a number of factors, including the records of the past offences. These can be categorized as follows –

1. Monetary penalty
2. Forfeiture of the vehicle
3. Cancellation of the driving license
4. Treatment and monitoring of the person, under the watchful eyes of the court
5. Impoundment of the license plate

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