Situations in Which You Can Seek a Birth Injury Attorney Houston

by | Dec 8, 2012 | Law And Legal Services


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You might not know it but a birth injury attorney can do a great deal of things for you. Like all other medical practice cases, birth injury claims are complicated and should be handled by a qualified and certified professional. The attorney’s experience and expertise will go a long way in ensuring you obtain justice.

The problem for many people is the failure to know whether their case warrants being represented by a birth injury attorney Houston. Injuries that occur to you or your baby during pre or postnatal care are the specialty of a birth injury attorney. Such injuries could affect you or your baby for the rest of your lives. Medical negligence that causes these types of injuries is also known as obstetric malpractice, and they require an attorney well versed in medical law.

Here are a few cases that such an attorney will find interesting enough to litigate on your behalf;

* Generally, a birth injury attorney Houston will be useful if you suspect diagnostic, treatment, and medication errors in areas related, such as preeclampsia and eclampsia, the mother’s obstetrical complications, c-section problems, post-partum hemorrhage and common birth injuries.

* Birth injuries to your baby may also occur, such as oxygen deprivation and fetal distress, fetal heart monitoring, labor & delivery errors, and baby’s cerebral palsy, group B strep mismanagement, and shoulder dystocia due to birth injuries from negligence. Oxygen deprivation due to simple errors in judgment by the medical staff can cause death in the worst cases. If you are more fortunate, you can get your baby alive but after having suffered brain damage that could cause complications lasting a lifetime. None of these scenarios is positive to any mother, as a baby with brain injury may lose ability to walk, speak, see, hear, or do other bodily function. In essence, your baby will be unable to live and work independently. Your birth injury attorney will try to get as much compensation as possible for you to mitigate the distress you will be feeling.

* Laparoscopic surgery accidents can also cause injuries to the mother. These injuries, can develop when your doctor uses a laparoscope to make small incisions to examine your abdominal cavity. In most cases, your doctor may perform such an operation examine your fallopian tubes and ovaries. A simple misjudgment could cause serious damage to these organs, a situation that your birth injury attorney Houston will attempt to prove.

* Other complicated injuries arising from obstetric malpractice include birth-related seizure disorder, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, brachial plexus, fetal brachycardia, fetal acidosis, cord compression and forceps injuries.

* Although some natural complications, such as growth or genetic abnormalities may cause injuries to the brain, you can be compensated if your attorney proves brain trauma occurred due to negligence.