Benefit from a Goshen NY SSDI Attorney

by | Dec 8, 2012 | Attorney


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Did you know that almost 80% of all Social Security Disability claims are denied? For those unable to work due to serious injury or chronic illness, being turned down for SSDI is heartbreaking. You may be wondering how you’ll pay the rent or even put food on the table for the kids now that you’re unemployed. Of course this causes stress and strain on your life as well. Before you know it, things can seem to quickly intertwine in a knot and you’re left stuck in the middle trying to unravel the pieces. Luckily Goshen NY residents can find an SSDI attorney and put all of that behind them.

Together with an SSDI attorney you can learn what to expect when you go to court, the questions you will be asked and the documentation that should be provided in order to find an approval knocking on your door. Of those who used an attorney to file for SSDI, nearly 95% of all claims were approved. Considering that filing for SSDI is already a lengthy process, anyone can greatly benefit from having a lawyer working for their needs. And, with such an increase in the potential of an accepted claim, the benefits of an SSDI lawyer cannot be beat.

Benefits of Hiring an SSDI Lawyer

A lawyer understands what it takes to win your case. He or she proves that you are truly unable to work and need the help of the SSDI benefit. It is hard to do this when you are up against big government officials and others who seem all too ready to say no. Rather than waste time and have your claim denied, the lawyer can get things done the right way and help you begin receiving this monthly benefit.

A Goshen NY law firm will be more than happy to fill you in on the many benefits that hiring a SSDI attorney can provide to you. They’ll do this through a free consultation that answers all of those questions you have inside and helps you feel more confident filing your claim. They can begin the process of filing your claim, keeping you from calling employers, doctors and dealing with the many other hassles that can come along with trying to get SSDI payments.

You could find yourself fighting a never-ending battle for years without an SSDI lawyer working your case. After an injury, accident or illness this is not the kind of time you have! Make sure that your SSDI attorney is on your side and you won’t have to wait any longer.

The law office of William D. McGillicuddy is a favored SSDI lawyer in Goshen. With a 30 year proven history, the results that you want are sure to come with this attorney working for you.