Vehicle Accident Lawyer And Rear-End Collisions In Minneapolis MN

by | Dec 4, 2012 | Lawyer


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The most common of all automobile collisions is the rear-end accident. The law highlights the fact that you need to drive behind a car at a distance that is adequate in order to stop in the event that something happens to the vehicle in front of you. Because of this, the driver of the car that rear-ended a vehicle in traffic is almost always considered to be responsible. What you might not know is the fact that there are exceptions to this rule and that is why you might want to consider working with a really good vehicle accident lawyer from Minneapolis MN to make sure that you are properly represented.

The most common exceptions to the rule above are:

* A vehicle operator just cuts you off through a lane change that is unsafe and also brakes at the same time.

* The vehicle that was rear-ended was in its reverse gear shift when the accident took place.

* A car is stalled in traffic and then rear-ended by another vehicle, thus leading your car to collide with the one that is in front of it.

* The front vehicle has broken turn notifications or brake notifications.

An experienced accident lawyer in Minneapolis MN will help you out a lot as he will make sure that you receive proper compensation in the event that a rear-end collision happened and it was not your fault.

Rear-End Accident Impact

The rear-end collision is equal in force with half of traveling speed. Such a force is felt by both automobile operators. For instance, a rear-end collision that happens at 50 miles per hour is equal in force felt to driving into a wall at a speed of 25 miles per hour. This automatically leads to whiplash injury, which can lead to simple neck pain or severe disability.

What Should You Do After Rear-End Accidents?

In most cases the wreck stands out as minor and the visible damage is a lot less than the injury that was sustained. It is a very good idea to immediately inform the police as the report filed is taken into account by insurance agencies to settle and file claims. In addition, fault debates are automatically taken out of the equation as the policy will clearly identify the person that is responsible for the accident. Make sure that you always write down as much information about the other party involved as possible. This includes name, address, license plate number, insurance policy number, phone number and insurance provider name.

The next thing that you have to do is to contact a really good accident lawyer in Minneapolis MN that is experienced and that has a proper track record. You need the attorney because he will represent you properly and make sure that you receive the proper compensation that you are entitled to. In addition, he/she can direct you towards very good doctors take care of all the associated paperwork and guide you through the entire process. If you try to represent yourself, you are limiting the money that you will receive.