How To Deal With An Angry Spouse During Divorce

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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One of the best uses for divorce lawyers in Mequon WI is to ensure a fair settlement process for a divorce when one or both of the marriage partners are combatant. Even for the most emotionally mature people, divorce can be a huge blow to a person’s self-esteem and feelings. They may consider the divorce a betrayal, which has been deemed a worse offense than murder (from James Wood’s character in The General’s Daughter). In other words, some people would prefer that you kill them rather than you kill their pride or their affection.

In spite of the enormity of the emotions, many couples are able to conduct their divorce in a reasonable and amicable manner. One of the reasons they are able to do this is they can take advantage of their divorce lawyers in Mequon WI. These divorce lawyers in Mequon WI have the supreme advantage of being able to represent their clients and conduct the divorce proceedings and settlement in a non-emotional and rational manner.

However, many marriage partners act out their emotions with extreme malice. This can happen with people that are normally very cool and collected. One woman was quoted as expecting her husband to act during the divorce in the same kind, respectful, and considerate way that he had behaved during the years of their marriage. Unfortunately, she was dead wrong. The pressures of the rejection turned her husband into a man she did not recognize. Without her lawyer, she would have a very difficult time defending her rights during the divorce proceedings.

Often, the best time to determine the environment of the divorce is to check the feelings of the marriage partners just after the initial divorce papers have been served. At this point, the spouse and his or her attorney can get a good idea of how the other spouse will react, and how he or she will conduct themselves during the settlement.

In an acrimonious settlement, the divorce lawyers in Mequon WI become key in making sure that the results are fair to both parties. The best way a spouse can do her part to assist her lawyer in the upcoming battle is to supply him or her with as much information possible. Do not hide information from your attorney just because it could embarrass your spouse or put him or her at a disadvantage. If they are angry, they probably will not give you that consideration. This information will help your lawyer make sure that opposing council will have no information that could upset the fair and equitable distribution of assets.

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