You deserve justice when there is a fatal accident

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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If someone you love has been killed as a result of someone else’s negligence, misconduct or carelessness, you have the right to sue for compensation. There is nothing that will ease the pain of the mishap; however, seeing the negligent party brought before the bar of justice may provide certain solace. This will not be near enough if the loved one was the family breadwinner, the problems will just be compounded many times over. If this happens to you, then you will need a Nevada fatal accident lawyer to walk you through the maze of legalities. You deserve compensation, which must take into account all of the circumstances, and this is where having the best lawyer like the lawyers at Gazda & Tadayon will prove to be advantageous.

When do I need a fatal accident lawyer?

When someone dies as a result of another persons negligence, then in the eyes of the law, it is classed as wrongful death. Depending on the full set of circumstances, the defendant may face criminal charges but whether he does or not, he most certainly will face civil charges brought by you. If he was responsible for the lethal accident then he must pay compensation. When we hear of a fatal accident, we often think of a car accident. Many fatal accidents are the result of a wreck, but a fatal accident can be caused by unguarded or faulty machinery in the workplace, due to medical malpractice or falling in front of a car caused by tripping on a broken sidewalk slab or from a variety of other causes.

The Nevada fatal accident lawyer whom you engage will be highly skilled and adept at litigating cases of this nature so that you receive a favorable award. Many wrongful-death cases are complex and the awards can be significant and due to this, you deserve the best possible legal representation. In cases of this nature, the defendant’s insurance company will have their finest lawyers in attendance with a view toward limiting the compensation as much as possible. Your attorney must be ready to take these defense lawyers on and fight for you.

How can I find the right fatal accident lawyer?

The lawyer you select will play a pivotal role in seeing that you get the largest possible award. He must be skilled in this area of law and have plenty of experience in litigating related claims. When you are talking to the lawyer, go into detail about his experience, find out how many similar cases he has tried and his track record. If he is experienced, he will be able to give you guidance on what award to expect. If he takes the case of contingency, what percentage does he expect; if the award is generous will he negotiate his fees? Take all these things into account and you should be successful with your suit.

The Nevada fatal accident lawyer that you hire will be the difference between your having a reasonable future and no future at all. The law firm of Gazda & Tadayon has attained the highest possible rating of “AV” and are aggressive when it comes to fighting for the rights of their clients.