How a Workers Compensation Cedar Rapids, IA Attorney Can Help You

by | Aug 29, 2012 | Law And Legal Services


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The workers compensation system was put into place to cut down on tort lawsuits and employees suing their employers when they get hurt on the job. While it was designed to decrease lawsuits, it’s still important to have a workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA attorney working on your side. Here are some things that a qualified workers comp attorney can do for you.

Understand What You are Entitled To

The amount of workers compensation that you are entitled to depends on a number of factors. For one thing, it depends on the amount of money you make at your job. But it also depends on the state in which you live. A qualified attorney will help you understand how much you can expect to receive for your case based on the various factors involved in the lawsuit.

Proving Your Injuries

In order to get out of paying for workers compensation, your employer’s lawyers will probably try to convince you and others that you weren’t hurt on the job. That’s one reason why you need a workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA attorney working on your side. They can help you prove you were hurt on the job or doing a job-related activity.

Filing Your Claim

A workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA attorney has the experience and the resources needed to file your injury claim in a timely manner. They know how to do it the right way so your case can be heard. As long as you have all of the information and documentation available to them in time, they can get your claim filed at no hassle to you.

Helping Family Members

If your loved one was killed on the job, a workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA attorney can help you get a settlement which includes the benefits that your loved one had coming to them. An attorney can also help determine how much money you should collect for funeral expenses and future expenses based on the salary and other factors.

Deciding to Settle

There will be times when your workers compensation Cedar Rapids, IA case won’t make it to court because the insurance company wants to settle the case. When you hire an attorney to work for you, they can help determine if you are getting a fair amount for your injuries. They can also help you decide if the amount is right for your medical bills, pain and suffering and other fees associated with your injuries. They can negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf to get more than you could get if you tried to do the case alone.

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