Understanding the Roles of Divorce Mediators

If you are going through a divorce, you will likely encounter many undesirable issues. Divorce is not just about filing divorce papers in court. You may be surprised at the sheer number of issues and legal processes that need to be settled by you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Divorce mediation is a process that seeks to finally settle issues so that you can move on with your own separate lives. This process is particularly important among couples who have dependent children.

Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County play a crucial role in the mediation process. They serve as the neutral third party that will help the couple work through each and every issue that needs to be resolved. The end goal of any mediation is to settle issues in a cost-effective and amicable means. Some important issues that are covered in mediation include the following:

1. Distribution of assets and liabilities acquired during marriage

2. Parenting time and child custody

3. Child support or alimony

4. Taxes and other legal considerations

5. Retirement

In mediation, the couple meets with the mediator and tries to come up with a mutually agreeable terms on the issues presented. Some couples easily resolve their issues while others may take time often escalating the tensions. If agreements are not met, the mediator comes into the picture and intervenes. The marital mediator ensures that communication lines remain open, teaches empathy to both parties, presents reality to the couple, brainstorms ideas, and assists couples in making decisions. Divorce Mediators help the couple to focus on the issues at hand and prevents them from getting off track. Without the guide of a ‘middleman’, the marital mediation process can end up in a heated argument, quarrel, name-calling and bringing up prior memories. This can only add up to the resentments that the spouses feel about each other, which is counter-productive for the entire family.

Divorce Mediators in Suffolk County provide a confidential and flexible way of managing issues. It ensures that the spouse work through their conflict as responsible parents, taking in consideration the welfare of their children. The children should be put at the heart of the mediation process so that they will not be neglected. Usually, lack of communication is the main reason for the failure of marriage. With mediation, the communication lines are restored, if only for the welfare of the children. By addressing their past issues and settling their responsibilities after the divorce, the spouses can move on with their lives have better post-divorce lives.

Divorce Mediators must remain neutral at all times. Therefore, they can give advice to either spouse. The mediator only assists the divorcing couples to brainstorm ideas or come up with possible resolutions that can eventually lead to agreements. Mediators serve as an open line where both spouses can exchange information.
Marital mediation should be voluntary or else the couple will never find relief whatever they do. Normally, sessions can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis depending on the availability or request of the couple.


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