Do You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Iowa?

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Attorney


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Nobody wants to face it when they might need to file for bankruptcy. It feels like it’s the point where you just give up and admit defeat. You don’t want to talk to your friends and family about it, but because it seems like it will take over your life it is hard to spend time with people who don’t know what is going on. So how can you get through this time? Hire a bankruptcy attorney in Iowa who knows the system and can teach you why a bankruptcy in Iowa isn’t necessarily the horrible thing it seems like it will be.

Different Bankruptcy Filings for Different Outcomes

Depending on what you hope to achieve by filing for bankruptcy, you may need to consider the various bankruptcy options available. A bankruptcy attorney is going to be ready to talk you through the types of bankruptcy and what they would mean for your debt, your assets, and your future life. It turns out that bankruptcy is actually a way to start your life over. You may get to let all your debts go, or you may get to consolidate debts, have the interest forgiven, and figure out a way to make payments going forward that is reasonable for your financial status right now.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can get you to a point where your debts are secured and you can afford to make payments. A bankruptcy attorney in Iowa can talk to you about how this may help you to avoid giving up any assets, one way that bankruptcy can actually be a really good thing. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you eliminate debt by giving up some of your assets, which can be a huge relief to people struggling with financial problems.

Don’t Fear Bankruptcy with a Bankruptcy Attorney

People tend to be afraid of bankruptcy. But with a bankruptcy attorney working at your side, you can rest assured that you are being responsible and doing what is best considering the circumstances. In Iowa, many people are being faced with bankruptcy these days and it is a hard time for an individual or a family. However, with a skilled bankruptcy attorney you know that you can make the right decisions and that you are using the resources available to you to set yourself on a better track going forward.

It’s highly likely that you will do much better throughout the bankruptcy filing if you work with a bankruptcy attorney. Contact a bankruptcy attorney in Iowa who will give you a free consultation and let you know what your options are.

In Iowa, bankruptcy attorney Mike Jankins at the Jankins Law Firm has helped many people through the tough times of bankruptcy. He can help you too.