Rules of Engaging Business Attorneys

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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During the formative stages, every business requires the service of two key professionals: accountants and attorneys. Well, as for an accountant you do not need much elaboration as to why. Basically, his work is to assist with ensuring the chart of accounts is well set and all the returns adhered to. As for an attorney, it may not be so clear at first. However, the work of an attorney starts becoming clear once matters like copyright infringements, trademarks and other lawsuits crop up. With that understanding, here are some basic rules on handling attorneys:

1. Do not wait until you are sued: Most business people take things for granted. A mistake occurs but you adopt an attitude of waiting to see what will happen next. If nothing takes place in the next few days, you assume that all is well. By the time a sheriff serves you summons, you are already too deep to back off. At this juncture, you have no choice but to appear in court and pay the damages as ordered. Before this happens, get into a business relationship with attorneys. The fees you pay to steer way from trouble is peanuts compared to what you will be compelled to pay in order to get out of it.

2. Size of a legal firm: Large firms are usually expensive. Many businesses prefer dealing with small and medium sized ones. However, the larger a firm is the better the resources it has to deal with all aspects of business. A firm of attorneys, Idaho Falls, and other states has more say than the one with a presence in Idaho Falls only. You can get many skilled professionals under one roof. At the same time, this firm has more muscle meaning they get audience when they issue instructions or appear before a judge. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur running a big corporation these are the kind of lawyers to engage.

3. What the firm specializes in:
As you are well aware, law is such a wide subject. Similarly, there are many areas of specialization. Some deal with taxes, others environment, health, business, divorce and many other areas. Before you engage a firm to represent your business, do some research and find out what they deal with most. If they have a unit that handles business affairs, well and good. If not and they keep telling you they will get you someone, you better not listen to that. Go to another firm but that does not mean that the previous firm is incompetent.

4. Legal fees: Another thing about attorneys, Idaho Falls business owners should consider is the cost. Go for what you can afford but without compromising on the quality of service.