Four Tips for Driving and Avoiding a Car Accident in Vandalia, OH

Driving is something that most people take for granted as a normal, and given, part of everyday life. The truth is that driving is a huge responsibility and deserves some thought on the part of drivers. A car accident in Vandalia, OH can often be avoided with some preventive behavior. Consider these three suggestions to improve your own safety, and the well-being of others, every time you get behind the wheel.

Car Accident Tips

1. Maintain your vehicle. It is always good to keep your vehicle in top form at all times. This includes regular oil changes, tire rotation and general tune-ups. Repairs can be costly but many are preventable with proactive maintenance activity. Simply taking care of a vehicle according to a manufacturer’s schedule can prevent a car accident in Vandalia OH, Miami, or Las Vegas.

2. Refresh your knowledge. Several years pass between mandated driving tests but that does not mean you should slack off. Always be aware of the driving laws that are specific to your area and pay attention to changes in street signage and speed limits. You should also pay attention to any potential recalls that relate to your vehicle in order to stay safe on the road.

3. Put your phone away. In 2010, 18 percent of injury crashes were a result of distracted driving. It is believed that many of those accidents were directly related to cell phone use, in the form of texting or talking. Make it easy to avoid this modern day distraction by putting it away every time you are driving.

4. Know your limits. There are simply times that you should not be behind the wheel of a car. Most people know it is not wise to drive a car when under the influence of alcohol, but what about when you are tired, or sick? Anything that could impair your alertness or delay your reaction time is reason enough to let someone else drive, or to simply stay home. Do not put yourself or other people at risk by driving when you are not at the top of your game.

It takes some initiative and self-restraint to be the best driver, and the safest one too. Protect yourself, and your vehicle investment, by following these safety tips every time you are on the road.


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