Looking For Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyers

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Law And Legal Services


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If you were in a car accident and are looking for a claim against the other driver, you may need to contact a lawyer who can help you with the process. You may be thinking whether to take the claim or not, the answer, however, depends on the situation of your case.

If you hire a car accident lawyer, he or she will understand the law of the state you’re in and present the facts accordingly to see if your claim will stand up in court. After your accident, you should look for a lawyer or a law firm that has years of experiences in such areas.

An Auto Accident Injury Claim

You need to know that if you’re going to take your claim to court, it’s going to be a lengthy process. You have to file for a “personal injury lawsuit”, which could take about 6 months, a year or maybe even years, till the date of the trial.

While your case is pending, your lawyer as well as the other driver’s insurance company will focus on a process known as “discovery”. Discovery is the time frame in which research is done about the accident, acquiring documents, gathering witnesses, and collecting information. Both sides in the lawsuit are required to share details of their research.

You may even find that the attorney of the other side may tear down the “plaintiff” (the person who made the claim) which is very common. This could be done by sharing information which could be used to examine your personal affairs and can be made public to overwhelm you.

If you’re successful at proving that that other driver’s negligence was the reason of the accident you could win the lawsuit, but it could be long before you actually get your reward.

Proceedings/Litigations can be expensive and Stressful

These proceedings can be stressful, especially when the other driver’s lawyer puts you on the witness stand and tries to intimidate you in front of the judge.

These proceedings can also be very expensive. For instance, if your lawyer is working on contingency basis, this means that they will collect a certain percentage of your claim. Evidently, the longer your proceedings, the longer it will take before you’re reimbursed.

Settling Your Claim

Most lawsuits or claims that involve car accidents can end on jury settlement, prior to the trial. This especially applies if the facts presented cannot be disputed. The cases that go to court are usually involved in claims that involve a lot of ambiguity and disputes.
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