Things to do after being arrested for DWI

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Law


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If you get pulled over to the side of the road by a police officer and he suspects you of driving while under the influence, you will immediately be asked to alight from your vehicle and then you will be subjected to field tests. These tests are designed to allow the officer to decide if you should be arrested for DWI or not.

If you fail the tests and you find yourself arrested, it can be a terrifying experience. Being arrested for DWI is not only going to affect your pocket and your right to drive, there may also be social stigma attached to it. Driving while intoxicated is an offense that most people get sincerely angry about when the read or hear about it.

However, there are some best practices to follow once you have spoken to DWI attorneys in Charleston.

Your constitutional rights:

Although you may have broken the law, the constitution of the United States still gives you rights and it is important that you take full advantage of them. These rights are in place so that you will not incriminate yourself.

The DUI Attorney Charleston will tell you the first right is the right to remain silent. There is no need for you to answer any questions that you are asked by any member of the police force, either at the time of your arrest or later while restrained in the police department. If you were drunk when you were stopped, it is doubly important that you say nothing, because it takes very little for the police to show self incrimination.

The constitution guarantees that you have the right to DUI Attorney Charleston. When you arrive at the police station you will be allowed to contact an attorney, the attorney can be present while you are being subjected to questioning by the police and he can advise you.

Although you have the right to refuse the sobriety tests that the officer wants you to take, refusal to do so will result in serious consequences. The refusal alone may put you in jail or you may have your driving privileges revoked.

Discuss your case with your DWI attorneys in Charleston:

Your attorney will want every detail of your arrest. The attorney will be interested in everything leading up to your being pulled over and told to stop. Did the officer observe you breaking a traffic law, were you driving excessively slow or were you weaving back and forth.

The attorney will want to know what tests you took, tell him if the tests were field tests or breathalyzer or even blood tests.

Also tell your DWI attorneys in Charleston anything that may be a mitigating circumstance, such as sleep deprivation or disoriented due to an illness. Anything and everything that happened can be used by the attorney when you are in court.

If you are placed under arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, DWI attorneys in Charleston will come to your assistance. The Wagner Law Firm will handle your case and its unique circumstances in the most effective manner possible