Details To Discuss With An Attorney For Social Disability In La Crosse, WI

In Wisconsin, Social Security Disability programs help individuals who have mental or physical impairments that keep them from working. The conditions prevent disabled individuals from securing employment in any industry. An Attorney For Social Disability La Crosse WI discusses the details of the claims with individuals who need the benefits.

What is Reconsideration?

A reconsideration is a request submitted to the SSA to get the agency to review the claim. In the state, there is a 19% approval rate after reconsideration of the case. It doesn’t guarantee that the claim is approved. The next step after a second denial is an appeal hearing. The claimant could avoid the appeal and file a lawsuit. The approval rate for appeals is 51%. The attorney provides advice about the case according to how viable the claim is.

A Lawsuit Against the SSA

The legal action helps claimants to present their case to a jury. Instead of a Social Security Administration worker making the final decision, the jury provides a final rendering. Taking the case to a hearing could increase the rate of success. Additionally, the claimant receives any back-pay owed to them by the agency if they win. The process changes the eligibility date to the date in which the claimant was diagnosed instead of the date when they filed for benefits.

What Does the Claimant Need?

The claimant needs conclusive evidence that supports their right to the benefits. Medical records that start on the date they were diagnosed provide a viable case. Testimony from their doctor that explains how the condition affects them is also beneficial to the case. Their attorney provides a checklist of all items needed to present the case to court appropriately.

In Wisconsin, Social Security Disability programs include SSDI and SSI. The programs are available to individuals who have evidentiary support of an eligible disability. To prove eligibility, the individuals must provide medical records that substantiate their claims. Their condition cannot be resolved or cured with medication. It must stop them from performing job duties and debilitate the individual. Disabled individuals who need an Attorney For Social Disability La Crosse WI can contact Duncan Disability Law S.C. right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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