What to Know About Bail Bondsmen in Freestone County, Texas

by | May 16, 2019 | Bail Bonds


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In Texas, criminal defendants who are approved for bail have the opportunity to acquire a bail bond. The individuals must meet with a bondsman to get the bail bond or get a family member to manage the task for them. Bail bondsmen in Freestone County, Texas provide several different types of bail bonds according to the crime identified.

Details to Tell the Bondsman

The bail bondsman needs to know detailed information about the defendant. Their name, the name of the jail, and their booking number must be released to the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman cannot process the bond until after the defendant is booked for their charge.

Making Arrangements to Pay the Fee

Typically, the defendant has a representative that secures the bond for them. However, cooperative county jails allow the bail bondsman to meet with the defendant. The arrangements are made to provide the required fee to the bail bondsman. The fee is from 10% to 14% of the bail.

What Happens When the Fee Is Paid?

Once the fee is paid to the bail bondsman, documents are filed with the court for the defendant’s release. Once the judge signs the documents, the bail bondsman brings them to the county jail. The defendant is released from jail after being informed of the terms of their release. Outprocessing is conducted once the defendant is aware of the terms, and all their belongings are returned by the correctional officers.

Are There Stipulations for the Bond?

Yes, the bond comes with stipulations. The defendant must follow the exact terms of their release, or they will face another arrest. If the defendant doesn’t appear on their court date, then the court will issue a warrant for their arrest. The bond is revoked if the defendant is arrested again.

In Texas, criminal defendants have access to a bail bond to get out of jail. The bonds are available at a fee that is only of 10% to 14% of the bail. Once it is paid, the bail bondsman will provide the necessary documents to the county jail. Defendants who need assistance from bail bondsmen in Freestone County, Texas can contact Business Name right now.