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by | Jul 30, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Some form of workman’s compensation has been around since well before the Middle Ages. The concept has evolved over the years, but workers comp lawyers didn’t exist until the later part of the Middle Ages. Workers compensation is a type of insurance for businesses that protects the company and provides financial compensation to employees that get injured when working. Workers Comp Attorney in Omaha NE services, like Gnuse & Green Law Offices P.C. can provide help employees that have problems getting the compensation they deserve.

Worker’s Compensation is designed to provide income and medical care expense compensation to employees that get injured. It also provides financial compensation and benefits to the surviving family of fatally injured employees. Worker’s Comps can also ensure that the employee gets rehabilitation services and/or provide a temporary job for employees that can no longer do the job they were originally hired to do and where they got injured.

Sometimes, the employee has to fight for his or her rights to obtain their benefits. Since the average worker is not particularly well-versed in Worker’s Compensation law, it takes a qualified attorney to explain how it works. Workers Comp Attorney in Omaha NE representatives at Gnuse & Green Law Offices P.C. understand the ins and outs of Worker’s Compensation law so they can help you understand what’s happening.

Gnuse & Green Law Offices P.C., Workers Comp Attorney in Omaha NE, provide free consultations for employees who think they have been denied benefits, but believe they deserve them. The attorney will listen to your side of the story during the free initial consultation and determine if you might have a case. Take any related paperwork with you involving your case to your consultation in case the lawyer asks for it. He or she will need not just your side of the story, but also the paperwork and any medical records to determine how to proceed.

You don’t pay upfront fees or pay the lawyer anything in these cases unless they get you compensation. Worker’s Compensation commonly includes back pay and compensation which is how your Workers Comp Attorney in Omaha NE representation gets paid. He or she will take a percentage of the back pay in most cases. Gnuse & Green Law Offices P.C. has attorneys with knowledge about Worker’s Compensation law and can help you get what you deserve.