Greenbelt Loan Modification Lawyers and Avoiding Foreclosure

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Lawyer


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The housing market is not at its best today and neither is the national economy. Fear tends to drive businesses to make employee cuts or close their doors before the economy drives them to bankruptcy. This fear leads to panic for employees who are losing their jobs. These people have to take jobs they are way overqualified for and that don’t pay well.

Loss of jobs due to growing economic problems has resulted in a rash of home foreclosures all over the nation. Maryland is not immune to these problems. If you have reason to fear you are about to lose your home, you may need to check into a Greenbelt Loan Modification. This is done by a lawyer, on your behalf and can save you from foreclosure.

You can get started with a free consultation to find out what a qualified lawyer can do for you. This legal consultation is an important step since not everyone is going to qualify for a loan modification. There are guidelines you must meed in order to be eligible for this kind of help. For instance, you do have to prove you can make some kind of payment on the mortgage. If you are not currently employed, it’s not likely you will qualify for a loan modification. Don’t let being jobless stop you from seeking legal advice about this process. You might need it in the near future.

Why is a lawyer needed for loan modifications? The process of loan modification was designed to help people modify their loans so they don’t lose their homes. However, the mortgage companies don’t make it easy. As a matter of fact people who try to modify their mortgage loans often get nowhere or wind up driving in circles (so to speak). Having legal representation on your side can make a huge difference in the process as well as the outcome.

A qualified lawyer can do a number of things to make the Greenbelt Loan Modification process easier. They complete the paperwork, take over communications with your mortgage company, verify everything needed goes with the application, negotiate the new loan terms, and represent you at loan modification proceedings. Attorneys can take the stress, hassle, and disappointment out of the process.