When to Get a Divorce Mediation Attorney in Hollywood FL

During a divorce, things are rarely as simple as they appear. Even the least contentious of divorces may devolve into a screaming match, full of accusations and blame, before the process is over. There is a certain point in any divorce when it just makes sense to consider consulting a divorce mediation attorney in Hollywood FL. The key is recognizing whether you’re at that point yet. Read on to find out.

Are There Kids Involved?

If there are kids involved, a divorce will very rarely be a breeze. Child custody is typically one of the most hotly-contested parts of any divorce. Even if parents are able to agree on where the children will live most of the time, they are often in disagreement regarding how much child support should be paid to the parent with primary custody each month. The state of Florida has guidelines regarding child support payments, but each case is unique and it is important that the circumstances of both parents are considered. A divorce lawyer can make sure that the judge has all the information needed to rule fairly.

Is There a Property Dispute?

Property disputes are extremely common in divorces. Most couples have at least some level of disagreement about who owns what. When bank accounts are involved, there is often a bitter argument over who put more money in or over who really deserves to get more money. While a 50/50 split may happen in rare circumstances, most people just aren’t happy with this. The lawyer’s role in property disputes is to prove not only who owns what, but why their client has the right to the property they deserve. This may involve going back through years of financial history, getting testimony from witnesses, providing receipts, and much more. In some ways, a lawyer works as an investigator for a divorce case, and this is essential in determining who gets what.

If you are just starting a divorce process, or if your divorce negotiations have come to a halt, it may be time to work with a divorce mediation attorney in Hollywood FL.

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