What You Should Know About Alimony In Rancho Cucamonga

by | May 23, 2013 | Lawyer


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When you are divorcing, you will face various issues as you seek to legalize your separation. One of the issues that you will face is alimony, which is also commonly referred to spousal support. A judge in a resident court may order alimony in cases where either spouse does not hold estates in his or her name. Similarly, a judge may order spousal support in the event one of the parties in a divorce case convinces the court that he or she does not have sufficient resources to ensure a meaning sustenance.

In a divorce proceeding, you could be a person seeing alimony or contesting alimony requests or orders. Either way, alimony issues should be approached with help of a divorce lawyer who understands all laws covering Alimony Rancho Cucamong. Therefore, whether you are seeking alimony or contesting it’ll be wise to engage a highly qualified and equally experienced divorce lawyer to help protect your rights.

The role of alimony or spousal support is to compensate a spouse whose financial well-being is adversely affected or ruined because of separation being sought. Therefore, spousal support is a remedy sought by one of the spouses to offer relief to the affected partner whose wages or earnings are insufficient. Usually, many jurisdictions, Rancho Cucamonga included award alimony in the form of monthly allowances paid by one spouse to another. The amount and the period of alimony depends on several factors, including the age of the affected spouse, monthly potential earning and expenses of the spouses, age, health and tax consequences to the spouses.

Alimony Rancho Cucamonga may take different forms: periodic alimony, lump sum or rehabilitative. Periodic alimony requires a spouse to provide spousal support for an indefinite period. Periodic alimony may be terminated in the event the recipient remarries or dies. The court may modify periodic alimony upwards, downwards or terminate the award. A lump sum is determined and paid once and is aimed at creating equity between the spouses. Rehabilitative alimony may involve a spouse paying other things such as furtherance of the education of the affected spouse to enable him or her become self-reliant.

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