Hiring the Right Lawyer in Winchester

by | May 24, 2013 | Law


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No matter what your situation is, if you’re seeking the services of a lawyer in Winchester, you are probably in a time of duress. You may be in trouble with the law, need to file a lawsuit or have a domestic dispute. Each of these situations requires the services of a different type of lawyer so make sure that whichever attorney you choose, they are experienced in your type of case. Most these charge retainers, hourly fees and down payments. As opposed to hourly fees and upfront costs, personal injury lawyers charge a percentage of the settlement received after the case is won. Different lawyers have different fees, so ask them what percent they are going to charge you right away.

Are You Eligible for Personal Injury Compensation?

The only person who can tell you if you have a winnable personal injury or accident case is your attorney. Usually your injury or accident has to be a direct result of another party’s negligence or incompetence. For example, if you are hit by a drunk driver you may be eligible for more than just medical bill compensation from their insurance company. If you work in a factory and their machinery malfunctions you can usually sue them for compensation. Most times insurance companies only pay for medical bills directly related to an injury in the accident. If you have ever been injured you know that this is only part of your expenses. Suppose you are traumatized or experience emotional or mental distress, or need the expertise of a specialist on a long term basis. You shouldn’t have to pay for the costs associated with these conditions on your own. What if the guilty party doesn’t have insurance, or disputes their negligence? What if the accident caused the breadwinner in your household to be killed; how are you going to support your family? You are going to need a reputable lawyer by your side to make sure that you receive as much money as the law will allow so that you can pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

What to Look For

No matter what type of lawyer you are looking for in Winchester, there are a few qualities that a superb attorney should have. Their office should be professional and courteous. You should get the feeling that everyone that works at the office is willing to help you in any way they can. They also need to be available when you need them. If you can’t get a hold of your lawyer or the office when you have questions or issues, they can’t help you as quickly as is required. If they offer client testimonials, look at them. This will give you an idea of how experienced they are and what you can expect from them.