How a Professional Injury Attorney in Louisville Calculates Bodily Injury Settlements

by | May 23, 2013 | Auto Accident Attorney


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Were you hurt following an incident that was not your fault? Are you now struggling to afford the medical bills due to taking time off work? If so, you should turn your life around by contacting a professional injury attorney in Louisville. Calculating bodily injury settlements will be difficult if you do not hire a professional injury attorney in Louisville, and so will winning the compensation you are entitled to. Both physical and mental pain can be taken into account when estimating the amount of compensation. To get what is rightfully owed to you, learn how a professional injury attorney in Louisville will figure out the settlements.

The Fault Factor

A professional injury attorney in Louisville will lead a very busy lifestyle and their time is valuable. Because of this, you should not waste their time by fighting for your rights if you were to blame. By determining the fault factor you can decide whether or not you would benefit from representation. Was another party at fault for the accident? Do you have witness information to prove this? These are questions you should be asking yourself prior to hiring a lawyer. If someone else was at fault, your insurance coverage and premium will be used to calculate the settlement whereas if you were at fault, a PIP settlement may be claimed.

How the Injury Impacts Life

It may not be worth going through the hassle of hiring a professional injury attorney in Louisville if the injury has not impacted your life greatly. Most attorneys will only provide representation for people who have lost income, dealt with emotional distress or are unable to gain employment. Common incidents that can be handled by an attorney include physical attacks, work-related accidents, highway accidents, careless driving, injuries as a result of a defective product, slip and fall accidents and injuries while on private property.

Online Calculators

Some lawyers will offer different estimated settlements, which is why you should use online calculators to make sure you get the full amount of money you are owed. You can scour the Internet to find online calculators or alternatively, there is a formula that a personal injury attorney in Louisville may use to determine the compensation amount. If you are dealing with a severe injury the formula would look something like this: Damages x 5 + the amount of lost income. Bear in mind that attributing conditions will be taken into account at this stage.

You should know that if you were partly to blame for the incident you may not receive as much money. Be sure to arrange a consultation with a professional injury attorney in Louisville to get an idea of what you are owed before paying. The more evidence and details you can provide to the attorney at this stage, the more positive the outcome will be. Visit to learn more.