What Clients Can Expect From a Bondsman in Midwest City, Oklahoma

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Bail Bonds


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Being placed under arrest is not something most people are prepared to face. In fact, it can be an especially unnerving event for people who have never faced this type of thing before. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the arrest, there is the desire to get out of jail as quickly as possible. This is where the support of a bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma, will make all the difference.

The Bondsman Gets to Work

Once the client contacts the bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma, the professional will get right to work. The first order of business is to determine when a judge will set bail. Depending on when the judge reviews the information regarding the alleged event and the past history of the defendant, it is possible bail will be set within a matter of hours after the arrest.

The bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma, will make arrangements to pledge a bond with the court. The bond essentially stands as a fulfillment of the bail set by the judge, and serves to satisfy the terms set by the court for the temporary release of the client. As part of the bond covenant, the bondsman is essentially pledging to the court that the client will return on the date and time set for the trial.

The Obligation of the Client

In return for his or her services, the client does have some obligations to the bondsman. First, there is the matter of paying for the services rendered. This is in the form of paying a percentage of the pledged bail. That is typically a non-refundable fee.

The second commitment the client makes to the bondsman is pledging to appear in court on the date and time set for the trial. Failure to appear for the court hearing or trial essentially voids the bond, and the court is free to issue a warrant for the arrest of the client. At the same time, the Bondsman is likely to initiate procedures to find the client and escort him or her to the nearest police station for re-booking.

Posting a bond is essentially extending a form of trust. Clients who honor that trust and return for their day in court will find it much easier to obtain help from the bondsman if the need should arise again in the future.

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