Scalp Burned by a Curling iron? Hire a Consumer Law in Springfield, MA Attorney

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Lawyers


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Massachusetts residents spend many millions of dollars on products each year. According to state law, they have a right to believe that those products are designed and rigorously tested before they buy them. If they read the instructions that are sent with it, use it properly and maintain it in accordance with the instructions, they should be able to use it safely. A manufacturer should test their instructions so they know the average person can easily understand them. If a person is injured, then can use Consumer Law Springfield MA to sue for damages.

Therefore if a woman severely burns her hair using a curling iron, she may be entitled to compensatory damages. Many women want curlier and fuller hair. Curling irons are a very popular way to achieve a long-lasting hairdo. Although the iron itself can get hot, manufacturers are supposed to limit how hot it can get. They are also supposed to have safety releases that prevents hair from getting hopelessly tangled in it. However, when one woman used it, the curling iron locked in place near her scalp. When she and her husband couldn’t release it, they had to call 911 for help. The paramedics had to carefully cut the hair near her scalp to free it from the curling iron. By the time that happened, her scalp was severely burned.

She and her husband decided to sue the curling iron company. They went to the website to learn about a company that specializes in consumer and employment law. It was a good move because the curling iron company had an insurance policy with a very aggressive company. They said the woman got burned because she didn’t use the product according to the instructions. Her Consumer Law Springfield MA lawyer was able to show that the instructions were not valid for all types of hair. They worked on long straight hair, but for short curly hair it encouraged the hair to knot around the shaft. In spite of this, the packaging stated that it was suitable for all type of hair. The insurance company eventually settled out of court.

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