What a Wrongful Death Attorney in Silverdale Does During Representation of Immediate Family Members

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Law


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A wrongful death attorney in Silverdale represents families who are not receiving the justice they deserve after a loved one has been killed due to someone’s careless or reckless behavior. The insurance company liable for the compensation may come up with reasons why it should not have to pay a certain amount. Often, the adjusters blame the victim in some way.

Examples of Accidents

For instance, when someone is killed while changing a tire on the shoulder of a highway, the insurer may claim that the person was not acting safely by being too close to the road. A motorcyclist who was not wearing a helmet may be viewed as being irresponsible by not having on protective headgear. The insurer may say that an individual struck by a car while riding a bicycle on the shoulder had moved onto the road for a moment, thus making the driver not at fault.

The Obligation of Drivers

A wrongful death attorney in Silverdale will emphasize that drivers of passenger and commercial vehicles must watch for people on foot, on bicycles and motorcycles. If a bicyclist does veer into the path of a car, then the driver of the car may not be considered to be at fault. However, too often, the motor vehicle driver drifts too close to the shoulder and strikes a bicyclist or a pedestrian.

Survivor’s Benefits

The family may deserve a range of compensation, and not all of it will come from the insurer. For example, if the individual has worked for at least a specific length of time before the fatal accident, certain relatives are eligible to receive survivor’s benefits through the Social Security Administration. A lawyer can help them with applications for this compensation.

Other Aspects of Compensation

In a wrongful death lawsuit, an attorney with an organization like the Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto may demand compensation for aspects such as pain and suffering, grief, and loss of emotional support. This is in addition to the demand for compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, and lost income. Families who need help with the legal process can visit us online.