What a Corporate Attorney in Wichita, KS Can Do for Your Business

by | Mar 10, 2015 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Any type of business, large or small, should have a corporate attorney. The ideal time to hire a corporate attorney is when the business is just starting out. A corporate attorney should be aware of all the details of the business, and can assist and advise in any legal matters. From taxes to intellectual property, contracts, hiring practices and much more, a corporate attorney will take care of any messy work to ensure that business keeps running smoothly. Taxes A corporate attorney will be able to address any tax issues that an accountant may not be equipped to handle alone. While routine financial planning and tax filing can be done simply by an accountant, any issues your business may face with the IRS will absolutely require the help of a corporate attorney. A corporate attorney is also necessary during the set-up or any changes of your corporate status, or any other case in which a firm knowledge of tax law is required. Intellectual Properties To protect your business from theft of product branding, having a corporate attorney will ensure your company’s uniqueness. They will make sure that any patents, copyrights, or trademarks are properly secured. They will also be able to protect against any infringements on these patents if you become aware of any such activity. An attorney who has the thorough knowledge of intellectual property laws will ensure that all of these details are properly addressed. Contracts Any content for new business contracts or revisions to an existing contract, whether they are being used for suppliers, wholesalers, or customers, should be overseen by a corporate attorney. An attorney can assist with drafting templates for frequently used contracts. This way, you will not need a legal review every time you want to enter into a standard contractual arrangement. Corporate attorneys are knowledgeable about all of the applicable business laws, and can ensure that your contracts comply with all legal aspects related to your business. Hiring Practice The laws regarding employment can be very lengthy and complex. However, a slip-up on the smallest detail can land your business in a lot of trouble. A corporate attorney will be familiar with all of the laws surrounding the hiring practices for your business, and can assist in developing employee manuals for new hires. Visit Fleeson.com to get in touch with a corporate attorney in Wichita, KS, who can benefit your business in many more ways than the few most important ones listed here. If you do not have a corporate attorney yet, finding a good one in your area right away can save your business a lot of potential trouble in the long term.