Selecting The Best Divorce Attorney

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Lawyer


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In the 190s and 1960s it seems that a couple really did marry for life, the divorce rate in those days was around five divorces for every 1000 marriages. Over the ensuing years the divorce rate has steadily grown to where there are now about 30 divorces per 1000 marriages. To many people this is an alarming trend but the fact is, it is real and it is something that society has to deal with. When faced with a divorce, choosing your divorce lawyer in Nassau County NY is first and foremost because it will not be long before it is your lawyer who stands between you and the person who is soon to be your ex-partner. The lawyer will be responsible for a host of issues, making sure that your legal rights are not trod on; you want your lawyer to reach an acceptable solution which covers the custody and care of the children as well as a fair distribution of joint property. It depends a great deal whether you are the wife or the husband in the divorce action as you will either want your lawyer to maximize on the support settlement or minimize it.

When your relationship with your spouse reaches the point where the only solution, like it or not, is a divorce then it becomes very important that you hire the best attorney. If you feel that the divorce will be quite civil with little or no bickering between the parties then you may be best off with a lawyer with an understanding disposition. If on the other hand you think the divorce will turn ugly and it may end be dragged through the court then your lawyer should be one who is not afraid of a “gloves off” fight. If you think your divorce is going to turn into a real knock-down, then your divorce lawyer in Nassau County NY should be good at negotiating on your behalf, conversely if you believe your divorce will be clean with few or no problems then you do not want a lawyer who will create artificial issues which will only end up in court for no good reason.

With the divorce rate in the US being as high as it is there is a very good chance that you know someone who has gone through one. Don’t shy away from these people, ask them outright how their divorce proceeded and whether or not they were happy with their lawyer. Once you have gathered a few names of lawyers that just might be suitable ask for a no-charge initial consultation. You will want to feel at ease with the lawyer you choose as you will be asked to divulge a lot of personal and perhaps embarrassing information during the proceedings.