Tips for Comparing Personal Injury Law Attorneys in Gonzales, LA

by | Sep 13, 2019 | General


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All personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales LA are not the same. Therefore, a person should not simply choose the first name they encounter and hire that professional. When selecting an attorney of this type, make use of the following tips. Doing so helps to simplify the selection process.


Choose a personal injury attorney who has experience with similar cases. An accident involving a tractor-trailer differs greatly from a motorcycle accident in terms of the damage incurred, the injuries sustained, and more. The attorney is aware of the statutes of limitations, what factors may have contributed to this type of accident, which venue is best for the case, and more.


The attorney’s reputation needs to be considered at this time. Does this individual put the interests of the client first or is the fee to be earned the top priority? Furthermore, an attorney who is known for fighting on behalf of the client will intimidate the other side, making them more likely to negotiate and settle the case early for a fair amount. As most cases settle before they ever reach the trial stage, this is of great importance.


A victim of a personal injury should choose an attorney that he or she likes. The case could take some time to settle and the client doesn’t want to have to deal with a lawyer that isn’t pleasant or makes the victim feel ignorant. Keep this in mind as the choice of an attorney is made. Although a person may change attorneys midway through a case, doing so is not advisable for a number of reasons. Be sure to spend time speaking with each attorney to make the right choice the first time.

Meet with a minimum of three personal injury law attorneys in Gonzales LA before choosing one. While this process does take time, it pays off in the end. Most professionals in this field offer a free consultation, so victims can meet with as many as they choose. When doing so, be sure to contact The Litigation Firm of Pujol Pryor & Irwin. The team is always ready and willing to answer questions, address concerns, and review cases to provide legal advice when needed.