Fighting For VA Disability Benefits

by | Jun 23, 2021 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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VA Disability Benefits provide you with monetary benefits that equate to the percentage assigned to you in your medical discharge documentation. When the Veteran’s Administration processes a medical discharge they determine the amount of benefits that the veteran will receive based on the assigned percentage. These documents additionally determine the date in which these benefits will begin. If a significant amount of time has passed since your discharge and you have not received benefits, you should contact an attorney to assist you. Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices provides you with a VA disability attorney to help you with this process.

Fighting The Veteran’s Administration

Veterans who were medically discharged from the military often experience difficulties in receiving their benefits. In these cases, documents are lost or an oversight is made which prevents you from receiving your benefits as stated in your discharge paperwork. However, if you have contacted the VA and they refuse to cooperate with you in starting your monthly benefits, you should discuss this case with your attorney.

VA Disability Attorney

Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices offers veterans with assistance in determining why they have not received the benefits that they were promised. These attorneys will review your discharge documentation to determine the monetary value of your benefits and determine why the Veteran’s Administration has failed to provide you with the benefits in which you are entitled. When this agency refuses to cooperate with you, this law firm will assist you by filing a claim through court in which a judge will make a final determination. To hire an attorney within this law firm call them locally or visit their website to additional information.


VA Disability Benefits are awarded to medically discharged veterans who have sustained injuries that prevent them from continuing their duties within the armed forces. Medical documentation provided by the Veteran’s Administration at the time of your discharge details your injuries and fully describes why you are unable to continue your service. This documentation additionally presents you with a percentage based on these and any other injuries you have sustained throughout your military career.