Getting The Compensation You Deserve For Diesel Related Illnesses

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Lawyer


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If you’ve ever worked a pretty physical job like being a miner, you might be concerned with getting your injuries covered such as breaking a leg. However, you must note that some injuries can come in the form of illnesses that form over time when you are dealing with diesel exhaust, whether you’re someone driving a truck or you’re always on the other end of it. Take into consideration these illnesses that you should think about before contacting a lawyer.

Kidney Cancer

As you’re working with diesel, you probably aren’t going to notice how your body is reacting to it slowly. One of the diseases that can slowly develop is kidney cancer. As it’s been proven there has been a link between kidney cancer and diesel, there have been successful verdicts before in court for millions of dollars for families that have suffered death because of a company’s neglect. If you or someone you know has had issues with kidney cancer, don’t hesitate to contact a kidney cancer lawyer who would be able to represent you in court successfully.


While not necessarily as dangerous as cancer, asthma can be a huge pain for the rest of your life. By exposing yourself to diesel, you can start having asthma, meaning that you might not be able to complete many of the important tasks required for work. Additionally, you won’t be able to partake in many physical activities during your off time, such as running or swimming since you’ll constantly need an inhaler. Talk to someone about getting the representation you need when you get diagnosed with asthma.

Diesel Injury Law

Once you’ve found out the illness that you or a family member has, you’ll need to hire a lawyer that can fight for you. Diesel Injury Law is working directly with many clients that have been exposed by diesel before. Whether you’re looking for a kidney cancer lawyer or a lawyer for any other type of illness, you’ll want to contact at Diesel Injury Law in Chicago.