Three Reasons to Hire a Qualfied Social Security Disability Lawyer

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Law


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When people apply for Social Security disability benefits, they either apply for SSDI or SSI benefits. To get SSDI benefits, you’ll have had to work at least nine out of the past 15 years to qualify. Conversely, anyone can qualify for SSI benefits with the right legal representation. In either case, it’s always best to call a Denver disability lawyer to help you. Here are some key reasons to do just that.

Familiar With Process

Experienced Social Security disability lawyers in Denver are certified in Social Security law and fully understand the process. Your lawyer also knows which conditions or illnesses can get you qualified for disability benefits. Furthermore, this experienced legal professional will also be familiar with various Social Security Administration decision makers and know what factors they consider when rendering their final decisions on disability cases.

Coordinates All Paperwork

Social Security disability lawyers in Denver will ensure that you complete all the necessary paperwork for your disability case, including the initial application and any appeal forms that are required. Your lawyer will also ensure the Social Security Administration has your forms and records on file.

Help You Win Case
Research by the U.S. Government Accountability Office has shown that disabled people who hired lawyers to represent them were three times more likely to receive disability benefits than those who didn’t hire lawyers.

The process of filing and waiting for disability benefits can be frustrating and discouraging. Social Security disability lawyers in Denver can help ease your mind by apprising you of similar cases to yours where individuals got disability benefits,