Four Main Types of Homicide Charges

Homicides are among the most serious criminal charges in Texas. They are categorized by degree of seriousness, and their penalties vary. Listed below are four of the main classifications of homicide. Regardless of the type, you’ll need an experienced homicide attorney for an effective defense.

In order for a homicide to be classified as murder, the perpetrator must intentionally or knowingly cause the death of another. You can also be charged with murder if you intend to cause serious bodily injury to someone, and that person dies. Additionally, if someone dies while you’re engaged in dangerous a dangerous felony, you may also face a murder charge. Murder is a felony of the first degree unless the defense can prove that the death was the result of sudden passion arising from adequate causes (heat of the moment).

Capital Murder
Capital murder is a more serious form of murder. Killing a police officer or a fireman while they are executing their duties will warrant a charge of capital murder. Also, if you commit murder during a violent felony, such as robbery or aggravated sexual assault, you may face a capital murder charge. Additionally, murder for remuneration, murdering individuals under 15 years of age and murder of correctional officers are all forms of capital murder.

Manslaughter occurs when a person recklessly causes the death of another person. It’s a felony in the second degree and is not premeditated, but it may be provoked. Although there is no statute for involuntary manslaughter, Texas does have the offenses of intoxication manslaughter and vehicular manslaughter.

Criminally Negligent Homicide
Criminal negligence resulting in death is a state jail felony. Criminal negligence occurs when a person fails to exercise proper care in a situation. For example, if you fire a gun into the air, and someone dies, then you may have to face criminally negligent homicide charges, the negligent act being shooting the gun into the air. Contact Mark Diaz Attorney at Law today for an effective and experienced homicide attorney.

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