The Services Offered By A Truck Accident Attorney

A truck accident attorney in Chicago is a legal professional who focuses on cases that involve large commercial trucks such as semis, dump trucks, etc. In the majority of cases a trucking accident attorney represents the driver of the car that was involved in the accident and claims that he or she was the victim of negligence. Although this most often the case the attorney can also represent the truck driver who claims that he was the victim. As drivers are most often employees of a trucking company they are represented by the attorneys of the insurance company that carries the company’s policy.

An accident which involves a car and a large commercial truck differs from an accident involving two cars of similar size in a number of ways. To begin with, the sheer size and weight of the truck would indicate that the damage will be greater. The truck accident attorney who is representing the owner of the car will deal with the claims adjuster of the trucking company’s insurance company to ensure that the damage to the car is properly evaluated.

It is not difficult to establish what insurance companies are involved when the accident involves two privately owned automobiles; this however is not always the case when the accident involves a truck. Truck insurance can be quite complicated as there are multiple parties involved. There is the driver of the truck of course, there is the company that owns the truck and in many cases a third party contractor that was carrying the load on behalf of a client. All of these entities may carry several types of insurance. The driver may have liability insurance from an independent carrier, the company that owns the truck probably is insured with a different carrier and if the truck was under contract the contractor will invariably have insurance through another company. It is easy to see the complexity of a case of this nature.

A truck accident attorney in Chicago is responsible for gathering all the evidence that can be used to support the claim of his or her client. It is usually not difficult to gather such information as the police accident report but any information that is only available from the trucking company, the driver or the contractor can be much harder to come up with. Once all the pertinent information and evidence has been gathered it must be used effectively by the attorney to ensure that the court award or out of court settlement is in the clients favor.

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