Don’t Handle Your Divorce Yourself, Instead Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Stoughton

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Lawyer


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While it would be nice to think divorce cases were dropping around the state these days, divorce lawyers Stoughton report a steady stream of individuals requesting aid in ending their marriages. It is certainly true that some people can represent themselves in a divorce case; but it’s not recommended for a number of reasons.


Everyone knows how the economy has taken its toll on families and individuals across Stoughton. When getting a divorce, you’re more concerned than ever about your finances and how you’re going to make ends meet; however, forgoing legal representation during your divorce is not the way to do it. Retainers scare many individuals, as they are unsure what the total cost of the divorce is going to end up being. Instead, they should consider hiring a lawyer who offers a flat fee for his services. Flat fee divorces are more common in simple divorces where there are few points of contention than in complicated divorces with numerous issues to iron out.


There are reasons why divorce lawyers in Stoughton are required to spend three years in law school, thoroughly understanding all of the local laws and the nuances behind them. To be blunt, it’s complicated, and a quick search on Google is not going to provide an individual with all they need to know to file for divorce on their own. Each state, and often counties, has their rigid rules and procedures about how to file for divorce. When you make a small (or large) mistake in the procedural process, your case may end up delayed or dismissed altogether. Hiring a qualified attorney rids you of this worry and gives you peace of mind that every stone has, indeed, been unturned, and every T has been crossed.

A local law firm many people turn to during the topsy-turvy days following a break up is The Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC. Whether you’re facing a simple divorce of a short period of time or a complicated split involving child custody, visitation rights and alimony, having the right attorney on your side will give you comfort that everything that should be handled will be handled. Don’t go it alone; instead, hire a lawyer to do it for you.