The Importance of Retaining a Skillful Workers’ Comp Lawyer near Peru

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Lawyers


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When you get hurt at work, you might be unable to return to your job for days or weeks, if ever. Even so, you might rack up expensive medical bills and prescription costs you cannot pay on your own.

Further, your insurance company might refuse to pay some or all of your expenses because they stem from an accident at work. Instead of paying for them entirely on your own, you can hire a representative like a workers’ comp lawyer near Peru to help you file legal action against your employer’s insurer.

Paying Medical Bills

The insurer for your employer may be responsible for paying some or all of your accident-related medical bills. When you file a claim against the insurer, you can include those bills in the claim. The insurer then is accountable for settling those costs with the medical facility that provided your care.

However, the insurer might balk or deny the claim entirely. Your attorney can negotiate with the insurer to get the bills paid. He or she can also file a lawsuit on your behalf to bring the claim before a judge and request the court to settle it in your favor.

You can also hire a workers’ comp lawyer near Peru to pursue expenses like lost income that you incur from the accident. You can find out more about what this type of attorney offers to clients. Contact Wilson Law Office, LLC today to schedule a consultation.