The Guide For a Defendant Who Is Looking For a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Allen County, IN

by | Sep 18, 2015 | Lawyer


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What should a person look for in a criminal defense lawyer in Allen County, IN? Reputation and record are both important. Some criminal defense lawyers are known for taking high-profile cases. For people facing serious charges, it might be better to hire a lawyer who has handled high-profile cases. Although these lawyers might cost a lot more to hire, can people really put a price on their freedom? That’s what is at stake if they are found guilty of a serious crime like murder. In Indiana, a defendant could face the death penalty for a murder conviction. The stakes are truly high.

A defendant also should know if the criminal defense lawyer in Allen County, IN that is hired will be the one that is really handling the case. If a defendant is paying a lawyer a lot of money for a defense, the lawyer’s paralegal shouldn’t be the one who is always meeting the defendant. It’s understood that paralegals and other lawyers might do some prep work for the defense, but the lawyer that is hired should be the one showing up in the courtroom.

People who need defense lawyers should check out or the websites of other criminal defense lawyers so they can directly contact lawyers to find out about pricing and services. Some defendants only need help with minor charges. It’s important to understand that times have changed. In the old days, minor convictions really didn’t affect a person’s ability to find gainful employment. In modern times, misdemeanors have been known to prevent a job applicant from being hired. Criminal lawyers know how hard life can be with a conviction. They can work with judges and prosecutors to find other ways to resolve cases.

People who have been convicted of crimes can see if lawyers can help them to restrict access to their criminal records. This can help with finding employment or a place to live. There are certain stipulations that have to be met for a person to be eligible to restrict access to a criminal record. Lawyers can determine whether or not their clients are eligible. Expungement can even be done in some cases.