DUI Charges in Kentucky and Why It’s a Good Idea to Speak With DUI Attorneys in Elizabethtown KY

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Legal Services


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Many people only have a couple of drinks and believe they are fine to drive but end up pulled over and arrested for a DUI. When this happens, they will want to contact one of the DUI attorneys in Elizabethtown KY for help. A DUI is a serious offense punishable by jail time, fines, license suspension and more. There are a few things that can make the charge even worse and make the possible penalties even higher.

The minimum alcohol level for a DUI is .08, but if the person has .18 or higher they may be facing additional penalties. A person who refuses to take the DUI test to find out their level is also a reason for additional penalties as Kentucky is an implied consent state. This means that when a person obtains their driver’s license they agree to take the test if they are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI. If they refuse, they automatically receive a fine and lose their license for a period of time no matter if they are convicted of a DUI in court or not.

Driving more than 30 miles over the speed limit or driving the wrong way on a road can also be a reason for a higher charge. Anyone who is driving a vehicle with a person who is under 12 years old faces stiffer penalties as well. If the DUI charge is because of an accident that causes injury or death, the potential penalties can be raised and the person may also face a civil suit to cover the expenses related to the victims of the accident. They will need a personal injury lawyer in addition to their criminal defense lawyer to help them navigate both cases.

The penalties for a DUI in Kentucky are already harsh to try to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol, but they can be raised if the person does any of the above things. In any case where a person is arrested for a DUI, hiring one of the DUI attorneys in Elizabethtown KY is going to be necessary to attempt to receive a more favorable outcome. Visit Milleranddurhamlaw.com today to find out more about the DUI laws and why hiring an attorney is necessary.