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by | Aug 8, 2014 | Legal Services


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This is a tough time to decide what to do if you believe that you’re being sexually harassed at work. Many people put up with it because they can’t afford to lose their job. Perhaps they aren’t sure if the problem they are encountering at work is technically sexual harassment. Even if they believe that they are being sexually harassed, they just don’t know how to deal with the situation. If you believe you’re being sexually harassed at work, you should be aware of the following information.

* Don’t quit your job; doing so could mean that you are giving up your sexual harassment claims. If your employer has an established sexual harassment policy, the harassment must be reported, per a Supreme Court decision. The employer must be given the opportunity to fix the problem.


* Find out exactly what the sexual harassment policy is and follow the procedure. Make a report to the person responsible for receiving sexual harassment claims. If the problem is not fixed, go to the next person in the chain of command. Make sure that every incident, joke, touch etc. is put down in writing with all details; use the exact words the harasser used, especially sexual comments.

* Harassment because of a person’s gender can be considered sexual harassment, even when no sexual actions are involved.

* It takes more than one incident before a court will consider it sexual harassment, although one incident should be reported. A sexual harassment case is about actions so frequent and severe that they change the conditions of the job.

* The employer is not obligated to fire the harasser, although the complaint must be investigated. Although the report is supposed to be confidential, the harasser (and co-workers) usually figure out who filed the complaint.

* Report every future incident, especially if there is retaliation against you.

* If the employer allows the harassment or retaliation to continue, make a report to the Equal Opportunity Commission or talk to a

* Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Worcester MA

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There usually comes a time when it’s impossible to continue to work for that company. Before quitting, discuss the situation with a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Worcester MA first. These lawsuits are very complex. The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea, P.C. is dedicated to ensuring that sexual harassment victims receive the compensation they are due. Visit the website for more information.