A Car Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI: Stages Involved in Settling Claims

When you get involved in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, you should do follow up on how you will get compensated. The injury you get from the accident might affect you in a way that you may be able to live normally like before. The court award compensation to people for medical cost, damages that might have occurred as a result of the accident and the pain and suffering that the family and the injured might have to go through after an accident. A Car accident attorney in Grand Rapids MI tells of the proper procedures used in settling claims.

Settling Without a Lawyer

The negligent party’s insurer may be willing to compensate you, but they have to follow the due process before then. Try and find out the process involved and how long it will take them. Getting information puts you in a better position because you will know when justice is being delayed. Be patient and keep in touch but do it politely through letters and phones. If what they offer is fair enough, you can go ahead and receive it but if it is small and they refuse to negotiate, you can hire a lawyer at this point.

Hire a Lawyer

After all efforts of trying to settle without a lawyer have failed, get a personal injury lawyer. Since you might not have dealt with this kind of case before, get recommendations from friends or family. Most attorneys offer free consultations so at this point you can ask them as many questions as possible and through your judgment, and you can choose the one that seems best. Your lawyer can help you get adequate compensation without having to involve the courts.

Go to Trial

If with your lawyer you tried to settle outside the courts effortless, prepare to go for a trial. At this stage, the judge or jury will make a ruling and whatever they rule on is final. The settlement ruled upon may be higher or lower than what was initially offered. Once you get your full compensation, you are required to sign release forms.

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