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by | Oct 30, 2012 | Personal Injury Lawyer


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A problem people can sometimes encounter when it comes to seeking compensation for a personal injury, is the type of injury can vary widely, as can its cause. Personal injury, as defined under Illinois law, can be physical, psychological, or in some instances both. If you suffer a personal injury, you first need to decide whether or not to seek compensation. If you decide to seek compensation, it may not always be clear who you should seek compensation from. If your neighbor’s dog bites you, it’s pretty clear cut where the blame lies, unless of course it can be proven you purposefully did something to encourage the dog’s behavior. Infliction of emotional stress or sexual harassment can on the other hand, be a rather complicated case at times.

A factor that is sometimes overlooked when one seeks compensation for personal injury, is that of negligence. To claim personal injury and seek compensation, the injury you’ve suffered has to be the result of someone’s negligence. If your neighbor’s dog is vicious, and it was not tied up or fenced in, as it should have been, negligence can be easy to prove. In the case of infliction of emotional stress, just where the negligence lies can be much more difficult to determine.

If you’re able to prove negligence on someone’s part, the next question confronting you is how much compensation to seek. You certainly want enough compensation to cover the cost of treating a physical injury. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to in the case of a psychological injury can be a more complicated issue.

In many instances, where a person injury has occurred, the injured part may feel the need to seek legal advice and help in determining how best to proceed. The legal team selected for this task will need to know the following:

* What is the nature of the injury, and is it a physical injury, a psychological injury, or some combination of both? Where did the injury happen? Was it work related?

* Was the injury the result of negligence? If you believe so, what person or party do you feel was negligent, and was the negligence an act of carelessness or one of neglect. If you aren’t certain where the negligence lies, a legal team can usually determine the source.

* How much compensation do you feel you should be entitled to? Certainly enough to cover expenses you may have occurred, but are you entitled to more? These are questions a legal team can usually answer based on case histories.

The lawyers at the Womick Law Firm CHTD, are here to provide you with the professional advice you need when seeking compensation for personal injury. The Firm can also provide expert legal representation on a client’s behalf should representation be requested. The Firm is committed to ensure its clients receive the amount of compensation for personal injury in Carbondale that they are entitled to under the law.