Why Adequate DWI Attorney Salisbury MD Legal Assistance is Necessary

by | Nov 2, 2012 | Attorney


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Driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is considered a very serious offense. The use of alcohol or drugs when driving can affect a person’s ability to adequately operate an automobile, motorcycle or industrial equipment safely. Although every state has different blood alcohol ratings, being over the legal allowed limit is considered as drunken driving. If a person is spotted driving erratically by law enforcement, they may be asked to submit to testing. Due to the nature of these offenses, it’s important to have a qualified DWI attorney Salisbury MD provider on your side.

Blood Alcohol Content
Whenever someone consumes an alcoholic drink, the alcohol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This level can be measured by specific tests. Levels are usually legally lower for commercial drivers, and most states now have zero tolerance for teenagers. When police believe someone is inebriated, they typically require the individual to undertake a breathalyzer. In some cases, a blood sample is obtained. Refusing to submit to such testing can result in automatic driving license suspension or revocation depending on the state.

Drunken Driving Conviction
Citizens can also be convicted of driving while intoxicated without blood alcohol test results, or even if the alcohol result is lower than the legal limit. Juries sometimes will convict based upon evidence presented in court. This usually involves testimony surrounding the language, conduct and motor movements of the individual which clearly demonstrates they were inebriated and unable to drive. There are other field tests that can be given to determine sobriety or intoxication.

Punishment for Drunk Driving
Once someone has been convicted, the penalties and consequences can be very serious depending upon the situation. A first-time offender will likely have their driving privileges suspended along with points against their license. A second and subsequent offense will significantly increase punishment. Quite often, these convictions result in jail time. Additionally, there can be other effects such as an increased insurance premium and loss of employment. A qualified DWI attorney Salisbury MD practitioner is experienced handling DUI cases.

Going to Trial

Many individuals charged with drunken driving will request a trial to fight charges against them. At this point, it’s absolutely essential to have an adequate DWI attorney Salisbury MD legal provider assisting with the defense. Legal issues can be raised to either defeat or lessen the charge, as well as to reduce fines and penalties. Those caught driving under the influence, should certainly employ the services of a skilled lawyer immediately.



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