Medical Malpractice Suits for MRI Incidents Don’t Always Involve an Allergic Reaction

Many people are at least somewhat familiar with the possibility of an allergic reaction to a contrast solution injected before magnetic resonance imaging. They go to their appointment a bit nervous about this unlikely possibility, never thinking that something could happen that qualifies as malpractice. Yet some medical malpractice suits are filed because a patient, for instance, falls down before the MRI even begins; the nursing staff or MRI technicians may not have provided enough support for the individual who was sick or experiencing weakness from a chronic health disorder, or the person may have fallen while trying to get out of a wheelchair or while maneuvering to get onto the MRI equipment. Serious injuries can result from these incidents.

Patients who have suffered injuries from falling during an MRI appointment may file medical malpractice suits with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. The lawsuit will not be classified as MRI malpractice, nor will the lawyer demand financial compensation from manufacturers of imaging equipment or contrast solutions. The fault was on the part of hospital staff, and the hospital’s insurer should pay for the consequences of a slip-and-fall injury that occurred on the site due to negligence.

When someone has been hurt falling in an MRI room, he or she may search online to find similar situations happening to other people. This type of search probably won’t yield a large number of results, instead, more results will be returned regarding patients who suffered an allergic reaction to the contrast solution. Cases that involve falling before an MRI are uncommon, and the injured person can expect that the case will not go to trial because lawsuits that proceed to trial get most of the attention, not cases that are settled out of court.

A firm such as Business Name can help an injured person obtain financial compensation to pay for lost wages and medical expenses not covered by insurance. It’s likely that the insurer will begin by offering a low settlement and the lawyer will negotiate a higher amount of compensation. A person who needs this type of assistance may view the website domain for further information.

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