Do You Need Real Estate Lawyers in Auburn, Indiana When You Buy A Home?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Lawyers


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Ask any experienced real estate agent how many sales went through without complications and delays. They will probably be able to count those transactions on the fingers of one hand. Real estate transfers involve many factors, all of which can cause problems. For most people, the largest purchase they will ever make is their home. Yet, many choose to handle the transaction without being represented by Real Estate Lawyers in Auburn Indiana. Some will suffer significant losses at a later time. There are many ways in which experienced real estate attorneys can assist during a real estate transaction.

Reviewing Financial Documents

The terms and “fine print” can be complicated. If the buyer is considering alternate financing solutions, a real estate attorney can assist in evaluating the possibilities or review refinancing.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Buyers are not always as concerned as they should be since they are usually “fill in the blank” forms. However, what is written in is crucial information and they should be reviewed.

Closing Services

The stack of documents will seem miles high. A real estate attorney will prepare and review these critical documents.

Residential Disclosure Form

This is a very critical form in the event that something is discovered later that the seller didn’t disclose.

Inspecting the Home Before Purchase

Who does the inspection is crucial. An experienced real estate lawyer will be aware of the good home inspectors and will be able to review the report after the inspection.

Home Repair Issues

These often arise, especially with older homes. Should the work be done before the closing? Should money be left to have the repair done after the closing? What happens if the repair costs much more than anticipated?

Title Problems

Title problems can arise even after a home has been sold previously. It all depends on who does the title search and how thorough they are. When someone is selling a home, this can have a severe impact on the possible sale.

Home Warranty Policies

Some are worth buying and some aren’t. Find out in advance just what the policy covers before it’s needed.

Don’t take the chance of making such a significant purchase without being represented by experienced Real Estate Lawyers in Auburn Indiana. Yoder & Kraus have been assisting people with real estate transactions with their 50 years of combined legal experience. Protect your rights by visiting or their Facebook page and scheduling an appointment.