A Federal Appeals Attorney in Chicago, IL Helps You Manage Consequences

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Lawyer


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Being convicted of a crime, especially at the federal level, can involve many potential consequences. They might include prison time and fines, but civilian life can also have many repercussions. The federal appeals attorney can help you prevent some and manage the severity of others, depending on your specific circumstances.


A permanent criminal record can make getting a mortgage or vehicle loan harder when you are labeled a high-risk borrower. It can also be harder to get student loans, especially if you are convicted of the sale or possession of illicit substances. All loans might become more difficult to attain.

Employment Possibilities

You might not have to reveal your conviction based on the background check or job requirements of a particular position. However, the employer might discover it anyway. Some professions and positions will be closed to you, and others will be restricted.


Renting a house, condo, or apartment might get harder with a permanent criminal record that is public information. Landlords might find out about it even when it’s not required on their rental application. Being a sex offender involves far more restrictions.

Other Consequences

Convictions at the federal level can impact your immigration status if you want to stay in the country or become a citizen. Felons can lose citizenship rights they already have, and they might not be able to vote, own a gun, run for office, or serve as a juror.

Find a Federal Appeals Attorney Who Can Help

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